Saturday, October 07, 2006

Substitute Teachers

Subs, a blessing for some, a curse for others. Well, not really. At my school, substitues are synonymous with socialize. But unfortunately, they are the bringers of busywork. Where assignments from teachers are designed to keep you quiet. But I can't blame 'em, a room full of kids with nothing to do, won't be a pretty sight. Luckily, only a handful of kids disregard the assignment and socialize. But another common thing is working together, this I find good. Unfortunately, I typically the one who works by himself, but I finish early. Sometime, I pull out a book, other times, I join the socializing kids, depending on the class and substitue. I really can't imagine a situation where a substitute is bad news, unless you're really sensitive to noise. In that case, it'll be the worst-case scenario.

Now, to actually go somewhere with this post. I find that some of the most effective substitutes were those who took charge but were friendly. Those were the ones that people would wave hi to during lunch. One substitute I know always related to the kids. He said how when he wasn't at work, he swore like a sailor, but when he was teaching, he had to watch his mouth, and that the students should do the same. Another effective substitue was the one that had indoor activities, not like heads-up 7-up, but other games, especially those that are original. These games usually involve moving desks, and creating a rule that everybody has to be quiet is always a plus. These games are usually played when everybody finishes their work, or during the last 15 minutes of class.

I personally think these substitutes are the most effective. The first more with high school, and the second with middle/elementary school. I find that the more the substitute practices these, the more popular he/she gets, and the more he/she is requested by teachers. I recall some substitutes that I saw nearly every day on school campus. And when they were subbing, just about everybody had a good time, even the sub.

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